YBRST Vol. 41

For more information: elsevier.com Easy access to the research performance of 220 nations and 7,500 research institutions worldwide SciVal supports the needs of a broad range of institutional users by providing ready-made, DW D JODQFH VQDSVKRWV IRU ȈH[LEOH LQVWLWXWLRQ VSHFLȇF LQVLJKW 6SHFLȈF WR 'HSDUWPHQW +HDGV Ɣ Evaluate researcher and team performance for informed decisions Ɣ Model-test scenarios by creating virtual teams Develop collaborative partnerships Visualize research performance 6SHFLȈF WR 9LFH 5HFWRUV )RU 5HVHDUFK Ɣ Performance Overview to inform strategic planning Ɣ Identify institution’s strengths and short-comings 6SHFLȈF WR 5HVHDUFK $GPLQLVWUDWRUV Ɣ Create management-level reports Ɣ Accelerate institutional and cross-institutional collaboration Ɣ Support and win large Benchmark your progress 6SHFLȈF WR 5HVHDUFKHUV Ɣ Raise visibility and highlight achievements Ɣ Expand networks Ɣ Locate collaborators and mentors Analyze research trends